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New Warehouse & Customer Service Hours: (effective February 21st, 2024)

Monday - Tuesday:   9am to 6pm 

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If you need to make an appointment outside our normal hours, please call our Customer Engagement Team at 716-362-7850!


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Frequently asked questions

Get to know us! These are our most Frequently Asked Questions
Is Amazing Bargains USA a legitimate business?

Yes, Amazing Bargains USA is a legitimate business!   Started in 2020 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still here and thriving.    Located in Kenmore NY, we have a 44,000 sq. ft. warehouse where we house and distribute our AMAZING Bargains! Please feel free to research some of our Google Reviews to see what our customers love most about us.  Link to Google Reviews

Why is Amazing Bargains such a good deal?

We purchase overstock and box-damage products, from Amazon and other e-commerce retailers, and we sell them at a discounted rate based on their condition. As we receive our incoming inventory, our team of inspectors open up and inspect each and every product, and give it a grade based on this assessment.   Virtually all of our products are brand new, with the exception of a small number of products that we suspect are returns (which are all notated in the first line of our listings).  We sell items in perfect condition, items with minor cosmetic damage (scratch or scuff 2” or smaller,), and products with cosmetic damage greater than 2”, a dent or scratch. Our prices are based on this grade, and we list everything 30-65% off Amazon’s list price (at the time we purchase the product).

Where are you located?

Amazing Bargains USA is located at 275 Woodward Ave in Kenmore, NY 14217, or you can shop 24/7 at

Is this item available?

If you see an item listed on our website, we have it in stock! Our site is directly linked with our inventory, and as products sell, our inventory is adjusted and if we are out of stock they come off our website.  Unfortunately, there is a delay in updating our Facebook Marketplace listings – so, if you see a product you like on Facebook Marketplace, we encourage you to search for that product on our website to confirm availability.    We sell our products on our website, via Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and we advertise on Facebook Marketplace.  Because of this our products sell quickly, so our website is your best source for availability and to purchase our products.

Can I get this today?

Yes! Feel free to place your order online and stop by anytime during business hours! Even if your order is still in prep status, it will take our crew only a few minutes to get it ready for you. If you did not place your order online, you can come to our warehouse and we can pull any product.  We encourage you to buy online, as this is a risk-free transaction and allows you to reserve the product, and you have a the right of inspection and cancellation until you leave our warehouse.  Just AMAZING!

Do you have a showroom?

Yes! Please visit during our normal business hours to see our new showroom highlighting a curated selection of our products, which are only a fraction of our total catalog. Visit the Showroom category of our site for details on what is there.

Are all products available in the Kenmore Warehouse?

Yes! All of our inventory is housed in our Kenmore warehouse. Our website is directly linked to our inventory, so if you see it online, we have it in stock! As products sell, they come off of our website, and we upload all of our new inventory on Sundays around 6pm.  They are easy to find on our website in our New Products category

Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices are fixed and, unfortunately, we must collect NYS Sales Tax if purchasing within the state of NY. If you are purchasing out of state, we charge the product cost + the cost of shipping, no sales tax. Our pricing is approximately 35-65% off Amazon's list price at the time of our listing.   As Amazon’s prices fluctuate daily, we do not chase those fluctuations or price-match. We think our prices are Amazing Bargains!

How do I open an account?

If you would like to create a customer profile with Amazing Bargains USA, simply click “My Account/Register” in the top right corner of our website. Select “Login” if you are a returning customer, or “Create an Account” to become a new customer. Fill in the required fields, and voila! You are now a customer in our database. You can also enter all of this information with us in-store if you are shopping retail, and a basic customer profile (first and last name, zip code) is required to complete a sale. If you would like to register to our weekly newsletter, you can scroll to the bottom of any page on our site and enter your email to receive our weekly product launch email.

What is your grading system?

The letter at the end of each product’s article number, corresponds to the grade of each product. We list all of our products as box damaged, as that is just the business we are in and we want to be transparent with our customers about the merchandise they are purchasing. Some products are in perfect boxes while other products may have material box damage.

Our codes:

  • A = an A Grade product in a perfect box – generally these products are overstock.
  • C = an A-Grade product in a damaged box.  This product has no damage but the corregated packaging has been damaged.
  • E = a B-Grade product. This product has minor cosmetic damage, which we define as a scratch or scuff 2 inches or smaller, and the box may have damage.
  • G = a C-Grade product.  This product has dents and scratches (cosmetic damage greater than 2 inches, but does not affect the product functionality), and the box may have damage.
  • L = an A-Grade product that we suspect was a return. This product is in Like New condition, with no product damage. The box may have damage.
  • M = a B-Grade product that we suspect was a return. This product has minor cosmetic damage, and the box may have damage.
Does this come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Unfortunately, because we are a third-party seller of liquidation merchandise, we cannot guarantee that the manufacturer will honor their warranty on or support of any of the products purchased from Amazing Bargains USA.  While we cannot guarantee that the manufacturer will honor its warranty or provide support, we encourage you to contact them with any issues, as there is always the possibility that they may honor their warranty, but we cannot guarantee this.

Amazing Bargains USA does offer a 7-day warranty if a product is not functional, is missing any parts or pieces or is not as we disclosed it.  Our 7-day warranty starts the day you accept the product from our warehouse or the day it is delivered to your home.  All products must be returned in their original packaging and if the claim is valid, we will provide a full refund or apply the purchase price as an exchange for an alternative product.

What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns and all sales are final with the exception of our 7-day warranty. Our 7-day warranty states, if a product is not functional, is missing any parts or pieces, or if it is not as we disclosed it we will  provide a full refund or apply the purchase price as an exchange for an alternative product. Click here to view our return policy.

How much is delivery?

The cost of shipping is most accurately calculated in your cart on our website at checkout.  We provide shipping quotes before you are asked for any payment information!   We do not mark-up our shipping costs, so we pass along our shipping discounts to you. If an item ships by UPS Ground, this price is calculated by the size and weight of the product, and the distance it is travelling. If a product ships via Freight, this means the product is too large/heavy to ship with UPS and we have to contract a tractor trailer to deliver this product to you via Freight. The minimum cost for freight orders is $350, and if the cost of the shipment exceeds $400, we may call to see if you are willing to pay the difference, or if you would like to cancel your order.  If you live in WNY we have a relationship with several local delivery companies, so if you need delivery assistance, please call us and we can get you a quote based on your specific situation.   In addition, we will soon offer U-Haul truck rentals from our warehouse.  If you ever have any questions about our shipping cost or calculation, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone!

Why is shipping so expensive?

Due to the rise in fuel costs and the logistics crisis related to the global pandemic, the cost of shipping has increased to an all-time high.   We do NOT mark-up our shipping cost – this is our cost to ship an item to you. If you are interested in contracting with your own shipping carrier, let us know, as we can send you all the information you need to create a pre-paid label.  Alternatively, you can come to our warehouse and pick up your product - we always encourage customers to go for the best deal!

How to inflate a mattress?

Almost all of our mattresses are in a rolled, sealed and compressed state.  If you purchase a mattress from us, what you're going to want to do is open up the box and lay out the mattress where you are expecting to keep it (over the box spring, etc.).  Then, break the plastic seal and remove the plastic. The mattress will need to inflate for 72 hours without any sitting, standing, laying, or use of the mattress.  This is vital component to the mattress inflating fully and not having any defects. Once 72 hours passes, the mattress should be fully inflated and all set to use as normal! The inflation for 72 hours, as well as not sitting/standing/laying on the mattress are vital components to the inflation process. If you do not follow these instructions, you may ruin the mattress and it is no longer valid under our 7-day warranty because the damage is not due to our error.

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